XpanD Universal 3D glasses

XpanD Universal 3D glasses

Sep 8, 2010

XpanD presents a new generation of their active shutter glasses. Model name is Universal, and it kinda speaks for itself. Universal means that glasses are compatible with all sorts of cinemas, tv sets, projectors and PC:s. They are even including bigger battery for longer operation and on/off button. Glasses are fully operable as far as your 3d source provides an infrared sync signal. Some of you might say – “meh, gimme radio signal glasses already”. But radio sync is not such a killer feature, since you still likely to look more or less towards the screen. Which often is a IR emitter itself.

Some specs from XpanD:


  • Active Shutter IR based
  • Full 1080 3D resolution to both eyes
  • Wide 3D viewing angle for multiple viewers/players
  • The fastest shuttering speed eliminating headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain
  • High transmission ratio for bright images
  • Complete 3D Glasses bundle: XpanD Universal 3D Glasses™, extra batteries, nose pieces, microfiber bag
  • Rugged and flexible design

System Requirements

  • 3D Ready TVs (see the list at www.xpandcinema.com/3dtv)


  • Standard CR2032
  • Easily replaceable
  • Upto 100 hours of use

XpanD Warranty and Support

  • 1 year limited product repair / replacement warranty
  • Direct online and email access to dedicated technical support team
  • Optional replacement accessories available

Accessories Included

  • 3 nosepieces
  • 2 extra CR2032 batteries
  • Microfiber Bag

And yes, there will be different color options for the glasses. Like this beautiful pink one. Or that orange. The idea is that you buy glasses and have them everywhere with you. Don’t know if the Finnkino staff will approve leaving the cinema without leaving the glasses, but this might just change in the not so distant future. And you’ll be the one to blame if battery discharges during the film.

Pocket-lint got a nice hands-on with pics and everything. Check it out here: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/35505/xpand-universal-3d-glasses-preview

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