WARP 3D pilot video

WARP 3D pilot video

Jun 12, 2010

WARP 3D is a short sci-fi movie project which I happen to direct. Karisma Films is the production company on this. Last March we had three shooting days – two on location and one in the green screen studio. Main filming was done using dual Red One rig, additiona timelapses were shot with dual Canon EOS camera rig. I made intro graphics, opening and closing titles. One small production company from Brazil did the three shots of vfx composed with our beautiful actress. As a result here is a 01:40 long pilot teaser. Enjoy it on a 3D Vision system.

A still from the "Warp" short movie

Still from the WARP 3D pilot

Download links and more instructions after the jump.

The pilot is available in full HD 3D format. Get it here:

Left eye (266mb): http://www.karismafilms.fi/warp/3dvision/WARP_preview_L.m2t
Right eye (266mb): http://www.karismafilms.fi/warp/3dvision/WARP_preview_R.m2t
Sound (21mb): http://www.karismafilms.fi/warp/3dvision/WARP_preview.wav

Use Stereoscopic Player or NVidia 3D video player. Click File -> Open Left and Right file -> select video tracks -> select Audio -> Separate audio file -> and select the wav soundtrack. Now click Ok, then activate the full screen.

A still from the "Warp" short movie

A still from the "Warp" short movie

A still from the "Warp" short movie

And as a bonus – some nice stereo pictures from the production. Use red-cyan glasses to enjoy:





Don’t hesistate to let me know what do you think. Right now we are kind of need your feedback to push this project forward. Indie filming in 3d is a hell of a combination. Don’t try it at home.

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