Jun 2, 2010

Yesterday was a nice day. Shining sun, lots of people. And trains, lots of trains. Train station is some of my most favorite places in the city. The only biggest fascination of mine are airplanes. But that’s a topic for a dedicated post.

So here are some fresh stereo pics from Tampere city. Enjoy them in black and white anaglyph, or side by side color. I had to remove some photos from the anaglyph set since they were leaking way too much. Those too contrast objects are just overkill for the anaglyph stereo.


Stereo train

Flickr set with anaglyph black and white (18 photos):

Flickr set for color side-by-side version (28 photos!):

And that’s my good friend Markus excited to be shot alive in stereo:


As usual all the photos are available for download in full resolution on Flickr. Just click that “All sizes” button above the photo.

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