Stereo skydive

Stereo skydive

May 20, 2010




Here is a bunch of fresh stereo photos from dopzone Räyskälä. Taken last weekend during the Helaboogie event. Format is anaglyph black and white. Photos are nicely viewable in the opening popup, and you can even navigate through the slideshow by pressing arrow buttons on keyboard.

If you prefer full screen slideshow – here it is:

And here are photos in color side-by-side format.


A flock of diversstereo_hela0020stereo_hela0018Cessna Caravan on loadstereo_hela0019

A flock of diversTandem course group picturestereo_hela0017stereo_hela0016stereo_hela0015stereo_hela0014

Full screen side-by-side slideshow:

Best thing about side-by-side photos is that you can download them in original size, and open in NVidia 3D Photo Viewer, in native 3D with all the right colors.


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