Stereo forum

Stereo forum

May 26, 2010

As you probably noticed, there is a forum link on top of this page. “Why in a hell you need another forum?” you might ask. Answer is – because you might need it. This forum is meant to be a feedback channel for you. That’s a place to showcase your stereo masterpieces. To promote your photogallery, videoflick, or even a useful site. Or a tool. Or a piece of software. It’s all good as far as it concerns stereography. Also I’ll be checking it for interesting ideas to put those to the frontpage.

Registration is easy and painless. I’ve even disabled the captcha for your convinience. So use your chance and register now.

The forum engine so far looks lighting fast. It is light, and good. And you can change theme of the forum too – check out the profile settings after the registration.

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