Skyrim in 3D Vision

Skyrim in 3D Vision

Mar 6, 2012

This post is mostly intended for users owning a 3D Vision system. Here you can watch the screenshots from Skyrim: The Elders Scrolls V in 3D Vision directly from your browser, all thanks to the technology from Phereo. Make sure you are using recent version of the Firefox browser, and your NVidia driver is somewhat fresh. If everything is good, you should be able to see the pics already, and your 3D Vision lamp should be active.

Stereoscopic screenshots were captured using a hint from 3D Vision Blog. Default settings from NVidia allows you to capture stereoscopic screenshots by pressing Alt-F1. The problem is that those screenshots are saved in JPEG with 50% quality. However it is possible to raise this quality up to 100, or even switch the format to stereo PNG. That’s what I used for this set.


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