Seville in 3D Vision

Seville in 3D Vision

Mar 14, 2012

This post is intended for users of NVidia 3D Vision system. Here you can see pictures from the city of Seville in 3D Vision mode directly from your browser. All the images are embedded from Phereo and should be displayed in 3D right away, provided your system is meeting the requirements from NVidia.

You can also press the red button under every image for the full screen show. Enjoy!

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  • عمر محمد

    Good Images.

    Thumps Up.

  • stereofinland

    Thanks, appreciated!

  • Markus Kosonen

    i got my 3d vision easily working with Zalman with new 64bit win7. all looks nice! I didnt find the fullscreen red-button thingie?

  • Alexander Savin

    At least you should be able to watch pics full screen on Phereo site: