Saint-Petersburg Red Triangle in 3D

Saint-Petersburg Red Triangle in 3D

Dec 16, 2012

Red Triangle is a huge industrial zone in Saint-Peterburg, Russia. It’s history starts in the year 1860 when it became one of the first rubber factories in the country. Right now its territory is a mix of small companies, garages, rehearsal places for the local rock musicians. But mostly it is a decaying wasteland, a monument to the old industrialization of the city. We did a short walk around, got some colorful stereoscopic pictures of the place. There was one particular place used as a set for the WWII movie – labels in German, ammo crates and lots of destructed buildings.

Hope you enjoy the set.

All pictures are presented as embeds from Phereo gallery. 2D mode is activated by default, but feel free to switch it to the stereoscopic mode of your choice.

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  • 3D shoot

    An interesting collection. I have just returned from St.Petersburg to England having taken some 3D shots myself.