Phereoshop 1.8

Phereoshop 1.8

Sep 27, 2012

Fresh update of the Phereoshop was released today to the public. New stylish UI, number of new features and improvements in performance. In addition there is integration to the Windows Explorer for JPS, PNS and MPO files. This way you can double click on the stereo image and it will be displayed using Phereoshop Photo viewer, in full screen, using your preferred stereo mode.

Update is available for free download at

Full list of changes

New features:

  • Added image visibility option on Upload Wizard
  • Added thumbnails for MPO, JPS and PNS stereo files in Windows Explorer
  • GIF files can now be used as Watermark
  • Full Screen Viewer can now accept multiple files as a command line arguments (multiple files drag-n-drop support from Windows Explorer)
  • Full Screen Viewer now supports PNG, JPG, BMP and TIF formats treating them as a parallel stereo pair
  • Added Interlaced view mode in the Full Screen Viewer


  • New UI
  • Improved auto align in Stereo Align filter
  • Improved Crop filter

Changes / Fixes:

  • Improved Search function
  • Full Screen Viewer no longer crashes while opening an image in certain cases
  • Moved the “Loading” message to the bottom-right corner, it no longer darken the image during display
  • Fixed a Full Screen Viewer issue with an international symbols in file path
  • Fixed the scaling and pan functionality in the Full Screen Viewer

And some screenshots of the updated app.

New dark interface.

Red button with the new dropdown menu.

Editor for stereo images. Check out the bottom of the editor, you can easily switch between images using the film strip.

More options for color correction.

Automatic stereo alignment is also improved in this version.

Full screen image viewer performance got a significant improvement and some nice bug fixes.

In overall, a very nice update. If you are looking for a user friendly stereo 3d image editor, this is your choice.

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