Phereoshop 1.6 released

Phereoshop 1.6 released

Jul 27, 2012

Last week Phereo rolled out a nice update to their proprietary software Phereoshop. This post will cover some of the new features, with screenshots and comments.

Phereoshop is an application that covers three things: organizing collection of your offline 3d pictures, editing images (stereo align and colors correction), and finally uploading images to the cloud service. It is still pretty small and simple, yet offering nice unique features. It is also free. With the update 1.6 Phereo introduces few premium features for an extra price, and we will cover them in a moment.

Starting view of Phereoshop with albums and pictures.

Import dialog has changed, now allowing selecting separate files for left and right eyes.

PNG and TIF import now enabled.

Stereo align dialog allows you adjust vertical and horizontal align. Automatic align feature is missing at the moment.

Nicely implemented crop feature.

You can also set aspect ratio to a number of predefined values.

Color correction is pretty basic. No competition with the Lightroom here, but it’s nice to have this feature.

Another good thing – you can create presets for pretty much any setting and later apply them to a multiple pictures. Batch edit is one of the two premium features and is not available in free version.

There are also a number of export features. You can export as 2D, as 3D and to the Phereo 3D Photo Player. Last one is a new solution from Phereo allowing presentation of the 3D images on your site without uploading your images to the external Phereo servers.

There is a number of options during export to 3D. One of the neat new features is embedding of the watermark. Naturally, you can provide two separate images for the watermark thus creating a true 3D watermark on your 3D image. I’ve played with this feature for a while and found it pretty fun. There will be a separate tutorial on this feature later on StereoFinland.

Full list of new features in version 1.6:

New features:

  • It is now possible to import stereo image as a left and right files pair
  • Anaglyph import
  • Full screen viewer slide show
  • Export MPO format
  • Add watermark (PRO version)
  • Batch processing, applying stored presets to multiple images (PRO version)


  • Multiple UI improvements
  • Alpha channel support in import (PNS/PNG)
  • Setup now asks to close running Phereoshop

Changes / Fixes:

  • Valid stored MPO image separation handling. ‘Reset’ feature will now set original values instead of zeroes.
  • Server-side MPO validation (broken or incomplete MPOs no longer cause unhandled behavior)
  • Crop and Align instruments are now measured in pixels instead of percents.

There is also a dedicated site now for the app:

Phereo is doing a really good job listening for the features proposals. If you have any feedback, you can submit it on the dedicated forum thread:

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