Phereo beta

Phereo beta

Dec 20, 2011

Phereo is a new web service for sharing and saving stereoscopic pictures in the cloud. You can save your 3D images there, arrange them into galleries and share to friends. You can also embed 3D pictures on your blog. It is pretty much like Flickr, but optimized for 3D content. With Flickr I always have to create separate versions of side-by-side and anaglyphs. With Phereo you can upload 3D photo and when embedded there will be options to select best suitable 3D mode.

Check it out for yourself. Here is the embedded image from Phereo. If you have 3D Vision enabled with the latest drivers, as well as the latest webkit-based browser, you should be able to see this image in full color 3D. And even if not, you can always switch to anaglyph, interleaved, or just 2D mode.

Currently Phereo offers 300 Mb of free upload space every month. It seems that they have plans about premium accounts, but it is still not clear how they will work and how much that will cost. Phereo also released a piece of software called Phereoshop. It is written with Qt, currently available for Windows only. Here are few screenshots.

You can import stereo photos (JPS only), edit meta tags, organize them into albums and batch upload to Phereo website. The software itself looks like an early alpha version – not much of functionality, and pretty much a single use case of batch uploading photos to the cloud. This is one of the most requested features for 3D Vision Live service, where you still have to upload all the photos one by one. Phereoshop also lets you view photos in 3D Vision mode, as well as do some very basic stereo adjustments. It is not even close to the Stereo Photomaker software.

NVidia 3D Vision Live portal is also powered by Phereo. Seems like the same company now trying to do their own service in addition to the big green client. Both services offers you a custom url for your galleries. Got registered a nice url for myself:

3D Vision Live:

All in all very interesting service. Wish them all the best luck, usability improvements and lots of good 3D photos uploaded by users.

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