Phereo Android app

Phereo Android app

Aug 2, 2012

If you ever tried the Phereo web service, you’ve probably noticed the link to Android app. It is mentioned in context with Android 3D enabled phones like LG Optimus 3D. While this app provides the best experience with 3D enabled devices, it is also perfectly functional with pretty much all the other Android smartphones. I tried it on HTC Desire with Android 2.3.3 on board. This post will contain tons of screenshots, as well as some of my comments on the app.

Here is the official description from the Google Play market:

A great app for viewing and sharing 3D photos. Phereo 3D allows to browse through thousands of 3D images and share your own stereo photos on

Application shows stereo on HTC EVO 3D, Sharp Aquos SH-12C, LG Optimus 3D (Thrill) and LG Optimus 3D Max: fully supports their stereoscopic displays and built-in stereo cameras.

The app is pretty similar in style with the main site. On a start screen you’ll see Featured, Popular, Staff picks and Latest uploads categories. Nice touch is that the app is completely usable even without registration – you can freely browse through the public pictures. But you can also register as a user and get even more out of it.

The app works perfectly in landscape mode.

Pictures are displayed in full screen without any HUD elements. By clicking on the screen you can bring on the HUD and see different options.

A number of different 3D modes is available. You can pick one, and it will be remembered. All the following photos will be displayed using your selected 3d mode. If my smartphone would support native 3D, it would also be available in the menu. Personally I found anaglyph mode really nice and probably the best option for the non-3D smartphone. Anaglyph versions of the pics are generated dynamically by Phereo site, and works really well on the smartphone sized screen. All anaglyphs are with color, red-cyan 3d glasses required.

Here is an example of side-by-side 3d mode.

You can also see the details of the user, as well as add him as a friend on Phereo. This way you can follow all his future uploads.

Search pictures by tags.

You can also view pictures in plain 2D.

As was mentioned before, the app is available for free on Google Play Market.


I was pretty surprised how well this little app performed on the non-3D smartphone. It is really simple, but with great usability. You can easily enjoy the slideshow of 3d pics, swipe through the popular new pics and add them to favorites. At the moment you can’t comment pictures with text – but I rarely do this from the smartphone anyway. All the favorited pics are available from my Phereo account, and I can comment them later from the website.

Full screen slideshow is one simple thing that is implemented really well. Images are preloaded in background, and you get a very nice viewing experience. If you swap pictures quickly, you’ll have to wait a bit for images to load. But even in this case the performance is really nice and you never have to wait more than a few seconds.

I’d love to see this app on iOS one day.

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