Panasonic GH2 and 3D lens

Panasonic GH2 and 3D lens

Sep 21, 2010

Panasonic officially announced a new Lumix GH2 camera. And a Lumix G 3D lens. The lens is interchangeable, works only with Panasonic G-series cameras and requires a firmware update. Some specs of the new camera:

• New Cinema mode: Record video with rich cinema-like gradation. Added as an option of popular Film mode.
• New Variable Movie mode: Record video in variable frame rate – 80, 160, 200 and 300 percent – speeding up or slowing frames for more creative videos.
• Touch auto focus (AF): Point at the subject on the screen and shift focus to make it stand out against the background.
• Still photos at (16:9): Instantly take a 14MP photo, while recording videos and also save a frame of video as a photo during playback.
• Record high quality sound: With Dolby® Digital Stereo Creator and optional accessory Stereo Microphone (DMW-MS1).
• HDMI output: Monitor images on a separate screen while still recording video.

The LUMIX GH2’s large 3.0-inch 460,000-dot high-resolution Intelligent LCD allows users to:
• Touch the subject on the LCD to adjust AF. Once a user locks onto a subject, the camera tracks the subject with AF tracking even if it moves. Then, with a touch of the screen, users can select the area of focus appropriate mode (e.g., portrait) and even enlarge an image (1x, 5x or 10x) by dragging it on the screen.
• Touch and view the screen from any angle, rotating the screen 180° side to side and tilting it 270° up and down for approximately 100 percent of field of view.
• Change menu settings quickly by touching the screen, shortcutting the time it would take to navigate using standard cursors.
• Touch thumbnails to play back images one by one or drag images over the screen with a finger to browse the collection of photos, as though flipping the pages of a book.
• View primary colors – red, blue and green – 25 percent more vividly when compared to the GH1, thanks to a newly designed LCD and LED backlight.

The camera:

The lens:

Hands on and more info at Engadget:

Camera preview on DPreview:

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  • Riku Naskali

    Probably works with all micro 4/3 mount cameras, just does’t do all the 3d post-work automatically for you ;) Essentially it just captures two horizontally squeezed views on the image… So it doesn’t really need a special support from the camera. Also works with the GH2 in video mode as long as you cover the electrical contacts of the lens :-)

  • Markb

    The squeezing of the images suggests the2 lenses in the 3d unit are anamorphic. Can anyone confirm that?