Mercedes-Benz 3D shoot

Mercedes-Benz 3D shoot

Aug 17, 2010

Impressive making-of video on Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 3d shoot, performed on the Isle of Man Mountain road in the Irish sea. The final video itself is yet to be seen in 3d, but this behind the scenes video is a very nice example of complex 3d shoot, involving lots of different components. The shoot is made completely on location, during 7 hours when the race road was closed. Team managed to film almost everything on time, including the aerial shots with helicopter carrying heavy dual Red one camera rig.

Quote from the description: “Helicopters, chase cars, a second SLS camera car, 72 crew. Not to mention a windswept island in the Irish Sea, sheep, and no crash barriers. How Manx Meister was made in 7 hours one Tuesday on the Isle of Man. An In©/Greenlight TV Production.”

Making of video:

Video not available

Final video in 2D:

Video not available

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  • Schiller

    Thank you for posting this! It´s superb!!

  • Anonymous

    Sure, no problem :D