Loreo 3D lenses

Loreo 3D lenses

Jul 8, 2010

A company called Loreo, based in Hong Kong, offers interesting bunch of accessories for 3D photography. Among others there are two 3D lenses – normal one and macro. What makes them special is that you can fit these lenses to the single Canon EOS camera, and the lens will create a 3d side-by-side picture. No synchronizing issues, no huge dual camera rigs. Just a single camera and a 3D lens. Both – normal and macro lenses – are suited for subframe SLR cameras. Supported models includes Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Nikon, Samsung.

Quote from the Loreo site:

The new subframe 3D Lens in a Cap 9005 (patent pending), in development since 2007, is a sports and portrait 3D lens. The lens has a focal length of 40mm and a stereo base of (interocular distance) of 90mm. There is a version for APS-C format subframe digital SLR cameras and one for 4:3 and Micro 4:3 format subframe digital SLR cameras.

The 3D Lens in a Cap 9005 has a focus coupled Parallax Compensation system. When the lens is focused on a subject at a given distance, the image pitch is automatically adjusted within the unit itself to suit the object distance. This works from 1.5m to infinity. The adjustment of the relative positions of the image pair can be viewed in the viewfinder, or with Live View in modern digital SLR cameras. Once a user learns how to use the lens, focusing can actually be done by parallax compensation alone. When the subject appears in the same relative position in both the left and right image in the viewfinder, it will automatically be in focus.

Loreo Macro 3D lens:

The Loreo 3D Macro Lens in a Cap (Model 9006), patent pending, is for subframe (1.5x – 1.6x) digital SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses. This lens has been in development since late 2004, and is the latest in Loreo’s digital ready Lens in a Cap series. This Macro 3D Lens extends the capabilities of digital SLR cameras into the world of Macro 3D. SLR cameras have accurate viewing, exposure control and a wide range of shutter speeds. Some SLRs have auto TTL flash. Most can be fitted with powerful external flash units. With the Loreo 3D Macro Lens in a Cap, these features can be harnessed to produce excellent 3D print or digital images. Loreo Lenses work best with SLR cameras which permit auto-metering to function with non-proprietary lenses. The processed 3D prints are ready for viewing with LOREO print 3D Viewers, such as the Deluxe 3D Viewer and Lite 3D viewer. Images can also be viewed on computer screens with a Loreo Pixi 3D Viewer. Loreo advises users to resize images to not more than 15 inches across onscreen for optimum 3D effect with the Pixi 3D Viewer.

More info: http://www.loreo.com/

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