Lightroom hint on editing stereo pairs

Lightroom hint on editing stereo pairs

Jun 27, 2010

I’m using Lightroom for color correcting stereo photos. So far there are no stereo specific photo correction software or plugins. But Lightroom is flexible enough to provide you an enjoyable experience even when doing stereo pairs.

So, the workflow so far is:

  1. Copy RAW files from left and right camera to the hard drive.
  2. Place those original RAWs in different folders.
  3. Import them into Lightroom
  4. Edit photos
  5. Export to TIFF and move on to the Stereo Photomaker.

I usually tend to color edit photos from the left eye, then move to the right eye folder and copy-paste the settings.Lightroom has a nice feature of copying all the development settings from one photo and pasting them onto another one. Ctrl-Shift-C will bring this dialog:

However this last thing is a very annoying procedure. Basically you’ll have to repeat it manually for every edited photo. And sometimes there are tens if not hundreds of them. The solution I was looking for was some way to synchronize all settings at once from on eye to another. What I found is that Lightroom has Synchronize settings feature as well. But it would only synchronize settings from one photo to multuiple. And not multiple settings to multiple photos.

The solution was much more simpler. You see, in Lightroom you can select multiple folders, combining photos into the one big collection. It is still a good idea to put left and right eye photos into two physically separated folders. But you can combine those folders into one collection, and edit this collection. What benefit it brings? Much easier to synchronize settings. No more jumping from one folder to another to copy/paste settings.

When left and right folders are chosen for the collection,  all the stereo pairs are nicely combined into single grid. You edit first photo, then move forward. And synchronize settings by pressing Previous button.

Make sure you are in the Development mode, otherwise there will be no such button.

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