Lift off

Lift off

May 17, 2010

Hey everyone. This is Alexander Savin, and with this post I’d like to pronounce this blog open.

So, what this all about? StereoFinland is about stereo and about Finland. Stereo in this case meaning stereography. 3D imaging. Stereoscopic. Volumetric. These sorts of things.

3D is a new area to explore. And it fascinates me for quite some time now. This blog is about creating stereo images. Still and video. Those intricate nuanses that forces our brains to see a magical 3d image instead of two flat pics. I’ll be gathering here interesting news from the stereofields and stereowebs. I’ll be also sharing my own experience and stereo images.

So, welcome, and stay tuned. More stuff is coming. The layout of this page is going to live through some changes. That’s all is just a beginning.

Couple of words about myself. I live in Tampere, Finland. Currently working in a company named Karisma Films on a short 3D sci-fi movie. Actively doing and learning stereography. Seems like there’s lots of uncharted islands in this ocean, and lots of space for exporation. And you know, that’s the best part of the whole thing.

And btw, that’s not me in that picture above. That’s my good friend Ilari, who was kind enough to do a making of video on our movie shoot.


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