i3DSteroid for iPhone

i3DSteroid for iPhone

Nov 3, 2011

Masuji Suto, crazy japanese genius, creator of the Stereo Photomaker software has released two more applications. This time he went mobile. i3DSteroid and i3DCamera are two iPhone apps for stereo photography on the go. i3DCamera is free – it is meant for quickly taking 3D photos with your mobile camera. After the photo is taken, the magical auto aligning algorithm is applied. If you want more, you can send the photo to i3DSteroid app. There you can do more tweaking, as well as output the 3D photo in various stereo formats.

I’ve been playing a little with both apps, and here are some of my personal impressions.

But let’s start from the beginning.

i3DSteroid is a paid application. Cost 0.99$ or 0.79€.

i3DCamera is completely free.

And here they are, both installed.

i3DCamera startup screen.

Settings screen. I’ve put auto alignment and better precision to On.

Here I’m taking a stereo image. Since iPhone features only one camera (so far), you have to take left and right eye images separately. i3DCamera is a perfect tool for that. It controls camera settings, as well as gives you this nice overlay to see how much offset you are making when taking the second image.

After both images are taken, i3DCamera will autoalign them with magical algorithms.

If you want more tweaking, you can send the image to i3DSteroid directly from i3DCamera app just by clicking one button. The difference is that i3DSteroid provides you with abilities to generate anaglyphs, as well as other stereo formats of the image.

You can also output the ready made image, or open existing two images from the gallery and combine them into a stereo image.

Settings screen for i3DSteroid.

Various anaglyphs and other formats. Down pane is scrollable.

Precise adjustments view.

i3DSteroid app is also able to take images. However, for some reason I couldn’t enable the autoalign in there. Seems like you have to use i3DCamera for autoaligning.

Here is a final image outputted into a color anaglyph.

In overall these apps are great for occasional stereo photography on the go. If you have a pair of red-cyan anaglyph glasses with you, you can also show the result to your friends and yourself. Wow effect is guaranteed.

Masuji’s official page for the i3DSteroid: http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/iphone/help/index.html
iTunes link for i3DSteroid: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i3dsteroid/id467945370?mt=8
iTunes link for i3DCamera: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/i3dcamera/id474197117?mt=8

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