Hurricane rig

Hurricane rig

Sep 15, 2010

Here is a pretty interesting rig for filming stereoscopic 3D. It includes beam splitter, but you can also put cameras side-by-side. Interaxial distance can be adjusted from zero up to 400mm. And the price is not that bad. The rig was showcased on IBC exhibition at Amsterdam and got lots of attention. More details and pictures from the official site:

Just to reveal a few more rig details: It converts from a mirror rig to side by side configuration quickly and easily, so the interaxial range is from zero to almost 400mm with one rig. Using a single allen key the entire rig can be packed down small enough to fit in a regulation airline carry on bag. This for me with all the travel that I do a key requirement. You can use an EX3 fully wide without any issues (5.8mm). It will take the new Sony 35mm camera as well as just about anything from a DSLR to HDC-P1. It has all the holes and mounting points for an add on kit that will allow you to mount the rig upside down if you want a top mount configuration.

Announced price is $3495, which is about €2700.

Even more pictures:

Discussion thread on forum:

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