How to get Nascar 3D working

How to get Nascar 3D working

Jul 8, 2010

Nascar pioneered last Sunday live 3D broadcasting of the race via internet page. Anyone owning the 3D Vision system could connect to their site and watch the coverage live, in 3D. That’s the first time also when you could watch a 3D Vision content straight on a web page. So far 3D Vision application had to be standalone, run only in fullscreen. Apparently not anymore.

At the moment all 5 hours of broadcast are available for watching at the Nascar site. So even if you missed the live, just go there and check out the race. That’s what I did. And it didn’t worked. So here are some hints how to get this thing working in your browser.

Thing number 1: Install the latest Silverlight here: .

Thing number 2: Use latest Internet Explorer. For some reasons this didn’t worked well in Firefox. Big boo.

Thing number 3: Disable multi GPU in NVidia Control Center. Here is a screenshot how you do it:

This is a weird glitch, but if you don’t to this, video will be jumping from right eye to left, and won’t be displayed correctly. This step is only needed for those lucky ones running multiple videocards in SLI configurations, or running the multi GPU video card like GTX 295.

Now you can start the race and enjoy first one and half hour of the recorded race delay. Press “Player Demo” button to start the show.

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