Helsinki Lux 3D

Helsinki Lux 3D

Jan 13, 2013

In the beginning of January Helsinki hosted a Lux event. It is a celebration of light, sound and all kinds of artistic installations related to illuminations. Helsinki Cathedral was the starting point for the official Lux walk. It was also a part of video projection called Emergence – presenting Helsinki Cathedral as a mythological object between the sea and the sky.

This stereoscopic set features images from the Helsinki Lux walking path starting from Kiasma and Central Railways Station. Pictures are shot with a custom dual Canon EOS rig, with synchronization. Exposure time is about 4 seconds. Images are processed in Adobe Lightroom and StereoPhotomaker, then imported to the Phereo 3D sharing service. Feel free to switch images to the appropriate 3D viewing format of your preference.


Event official page:
Full gallery on Phereo:

All pictures (c) by Alexander Savin

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