Helsinki 3D film trailer

Helsinki 3D film trailer

Sep 15, 2012

Trailer for the upcoming Helsinki 3D short movie is now available online in both stereoscopic and flat versions. The movie features 3D timelapses from around the capital of Finland over the course of this year. It is experimental project, planned length is around 5-10 min. Release in November 2012. This project is also looking for a distribution. The plan so far is to attend some 3D festivals around the world and see what’ll happen.

Shot with a custom built rig of two Canon EOS cameras, synched and timed. Colored in Lightroom, then exported to the Stereo Photomaker and aligned. Making timelapses in 3D require a surprising level of efforts in the end, compared to the traditional 2D process.

HD version of the trailer on Vimeo:

Helsinki 3D trailer from Alexander Savin on Vimeo.

Stereoscopic version on YouTube:

For the 3D version I recommend watching it with NVidia 3D Vision and a pair of shutter (or polarized) glasses.

The movie will be released later this year in full HD 3D and DCP formats.

Music by Dj Preal aka Perttu Tuomaala:

Official page of the project:

Update: black and white anaglyph version of the trailer now available on Vimeo. All you need is a pair of red-cyan glasses.

Update: here are also few 3D stills from the trailer. If you have a 3D Vision enabled system, you can enable this mode by clicking the appropriate button.

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