Get 3D glasses

One of the most asked questions I hear is where to get quality 3d glasses? Talking about red-cyan anaglyph glasses, which are the most popular 3d glasses right now in the world. Red-cyan is also the least demanding format for distributing 3d content. For watching it you do not need fancy expensive 3d monitor or anything else. Just your usual display. And a pair of cardboard glasses.

I’ve been ordering 3d glasses from all over the world for the past 2 years. Not all glasses are equal. Some of them produce much more leaking and ghosting than others. This especially goes for cardboard glasses. So I was mostly ordering plastic glasses. They look cool too.

Flipside of cool looking plastic glasses is that you cannot insert them into a book, or send them to your friend easily. So I kept looking for a quality cardboard glasses. And now I found them.

Just few days ago I received a whole pile of quality cardboard glasses. Tested them with my own stereo pictures, and they worked like a charm. No leaking, nice colors. These are the glasses I’m going to use in my upcoming printed book with stereo photos.

But for now, if you need a pair of quality red-cyan 3d glasses to watch photos on StereoFinland, here what you can do.

I’d be glad to send you couple of those. Since they fit nicely into a small envelope, I can send those to any place on this planet. With a nice post stamp from the land of northern lights. To cover the expenses I ask you to donate 5 euros using this friendly button below.

After you did so, drop me a mail to Let me know also your post address, unless it is already provided in the PayPal transaction. I will pack two pairs of glasses, send them and let you know that the package is on its way.

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