FIFA 2010 in 3D

FIFA 2010 in 3D

Jun 22, 2010

Here is a nicely detailed article about shooting FIFA 2010 world championship in 3D. As you probably know, FIFA is shot and broadcasted live in stereoscopic 3D. Apart from the different tests and last Olympic Games in Beijing, this is the first major sports event to be covered in 3D. This article contains nice examples of tasks and challenges when doing this show.

2010 will be the decade that heralds main stream adoption of a new Visual Communications medium – Stereoscopic 3D visuals. While we all know that 3D has been around since the 1950’s and earlier, this time around aided by Digital Technology, this medium of viewing moving pictures is here to stay. The movies have made it popular, and now it’s entering homes thanks to 3D enabled televisions and content production in full swing – from Sports to Documentaries and more.

A world’s first in sports events is this years FIFA World Cup being shot and transmitted LIVE in Stereo 3D. The FIFA WorldCup takes place every 4 years, so 2010 will go down in history as the start of Immersive Sports viewing.

What can be learnt from the first Stereo 3D transmission of the FIFA World Cup? Let’s dive right in…

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