Creating stereo DCP

Creating stereo DCP

May 25, 2010

Here is a definite guide on creating Digital Cinema Package using open source tools. Or how to create a working DCP package and not pay 500 euros for it. DCP package is the modern analog of the 35mm film in cinemas. It contains 12bit image and 24bit sound. It supports stereo image and up to 6 channels of sound. I’d wish I had this guide before. During last few weeks I’ve bumped on pretty much every nuance of the DCI standard.

This guide will be very helpful if you are going to exhibit your movie in the digital cinema. It can be a short movie, or even just a trailer. Some festivals are already accepting DCP packages. My guess is that it will eventually replace the 35mm film. Huge advantage of the digital cinema is that indie filmmakers can actually master the professional looking DCP package at home. It will take some time, but it’s definitely possible.

Dolby DSS100 cinema server

To know how, check out this guide:

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  • Enrique Londaits

    Is this 500 euros the average price in Europe for a 90-minute feature in DCP? Thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

    Actually this 500 euros was for the 90 seconds video. 90 minutes feature would cost a lot more.