Finland in 3D photobook is now released electronically as well as in hard copy. This page will explain details, as well as provide links where you can get your copy.

The book itself is a photography book, containing lots and lots of best quality 3D images from Finland. It is a result of my 2 years journey into the depths (literally) of digital photography. The book covers different places around Finland, you will see most of the cities, finnish forest, tanks, airplanes, big sailing ships, cannons at the Sveaborg island fortress, and many other stuff. In September 2011 I started looking for a sponsorship to publish the book, and found Stereoscape. They were a good help for getting a real version of the book done.

So, the book is available in two formats. You can get a hard copy printed at Blurb. Or you can download the book to your iPad from iBookstore. Here I’ll explain the benefits and differences.

Printed book

Blurb version of the book contains 120 pages and features about 200 stereoscopic photos from all around the Finland. The preview here features about 40 selected pages, one third of the book. Check out the preview on full screen, and put on your red-cyan 3d glasses if you got one. We are looking for a local publisher to print this book in vast amounts and sell it everywhere, but right now you can order your copy directly from Blurb. They will print it specially for you, pack in a lovely box and send to your door. Usually it takes about 10 days to get it into your hands. There are two options and two prices – the softcover is slightly cheaper.

The bonus – if you decide to order the Blurb book and don’t have any 3d glasses, ping me at – I’ll send you two pairs of high quality glasses for free. The glasses I’ll be sending are tested with the printed book, and the best quality is almost guaranteed. The only thing I cannot guarantee is the viewing environment. The thing about printed photos is that the light from outside actually changes the color of the picture. This is not that critical for 2d imagery, but is kind of crucial for 3d pics. Just one hint – this book is best viewed with the daylight.

Have to say, having this book on the table and watching 3d pictures printed on (great photo) paper is one of the most unusual experiences I had. It feels almost like having holes in the pages, with trees and people right behind it. You won’t get this feeling on the screen.

iBook for iPad

The iPad version of the book is currently available on iBookstore. It should be available on all bookstores around the world. It requires iBooks 2, which again requires iOS 5. If you own an iPad (any version is good), the likelihood of having those two prerequisites are already fulfilled. I haven’t tried the book on the retina iPad, would be nice to hear how it looks like. In this version I wasn’t constrained by the maximum amount of pages, and this is why you get 183 pages. Pretty much every chapter was updated with more pictures. Also there are bonus chapters featuring pictures from Finnish Hockey league games, Parola Armour museum, Tampere Airshow 2010, as well as cities of Stockholm and Tallinn. The chapter of making-of is also slightly updated.

iPad version of the book is 120 Mb, and currently available for free. Get it here:

This version of the book doesn’t contain any glasses (naturally). If you do not own any, please check this page. For a modest donation I can send you glasses pretty much to any corner of the world.

The iPad version in a way benefits from the screen. Stereoscopic anaglyphs are best viewed on the backlit screens, this way ensuring the correct lighting of the picture. This also allowed me to include more pictures in iPad version.

Hope you’ll enjoy the book. Also I can’t guarantee that the iPad version will stay free, so get it now. As mentioned we are looking for the publisher of the hard version of the book. I’ll keep you updated on this.

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