Alhambra 3D, part 2

Alhambra 3D, part 2

Feb 25, 2012

More stereoscopic pictures from Alhambra of Granada. This time we are going experimental and embedding pictures directly from Phereo. This way you can easily select the way you want to watch the picture. By using buttons under every pic you can switch between anaglyph, 3D Vision, side-by-side, as well as some more exotic formats and even just plain 2D. There is also ‘wiggle’ mode, which is a controversial format for watching 3d photos, but still might bring some fun :D

Please notice that in order to get 3D Vision work in browser, you have to use some recent version of Mozilla Firefox. At least according to the NVidia specs, this doesn’t (yet) works with Chrome or any other browser. So, if you have a 3D Vision system, just fire up a Firefox and watch this pics there.

There is also a big friendly Phereo player button on the right (red ball). When watching photos in 3D Vision mode, you can press F11 to go full-screen, and start the Phereo player. Best experiences guaranteed.

Owners of red-cyan 3d glasses, please note that Phereo doesn’t create the best looking anaglyphs in the world. They are doing a good job, but still if you prefer to watch these photos in anaglyph, please go to my Flickr set. Here it is:

Enjoy the show!

Full gallery on Phereo:

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