Aiptek 3D photoframe

Aiptek 3D photoframe

Jun 30, 2010

Aiptek presented a new auto stereoscopic photoframe. Size of the display is 8”, no glasses are required to see the 3d image. To my knowledge that’s the second 3d photoframe after Fujitsu’s one. No word on the actual pixel resolution, but the price is available on Amazon. It is 199$. Photoframe is available for preorder, will be available on shelves in August this year.

From Aiptek site:

Aiptek’s new Portable 3D Display allows you to view your pictures and videos in a brand new way! Utilizing an 8″ Parallax LCD Screen, your pictures and video will have a whole new dimension. View pictures and videos that you have captured on your 3D camcorder, or use the included software to convert your existing works into three-dimensional masterpieces that you can share with all of your friends and family. Open up a whole new Dimension of your world with Aiptek’s new Portable 3D Display.

Sources: Engadget, 3d Display Info

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