3D Vision Live Beta

3D Vision Live Beta

Sep 16, 2010

NVidia launched a new 3D streaming portal for a lucky 3D Vision system owners. It is called 3D Vision Live, works straight from your browser and streams full color stereoscopic 3D videos to your brain. The technology behind this was tried already when NVidia did a 3D livecast of Nascar racing some weeks ago. Same idea, but now turning into a place where beautiful stereoscopic videos can be streamed to your PC. Movie trailers, demo videos, shorts, music videos, advertisements. At the moment they feature about 20 different videos to enjoy.

The service is still at beta stage, mostly targeting early adopters who are eager to try out this new shiny service. It won’t work great in all browsers. Couple of advices to get it working:

  • Use Internet Explorer with the latest Silverlight
  • Disable multi GPU in NVidia Control Panel – if you have more than one GPU

Try it here: http://www.3dvisionlive.com

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