3D Vision driver update

3D Vision driver update

Jun 17, 2010

NVidia released an official version of the 3D Vision driver – v1.29. It is WHQL certified, contains bunch of new features, display profiles, better support for new games. Full list of changes after the break.

Here is the message from NVidia:

Today we released a new WHQL certified desktop/notebook GPU and 3D Vision driver version version 257.21.

New Features

* WHQL Certified driver
* Adds support for 3D Vision Streaming which will support upcoming 3D Vision enabled streaming video. Please visit the site for more details on enabling 3D Vision Streaming and access online content.
* Adds support for GPU accelerated Blu-ray 3D™ playback. Blu-ray 3D playback requires compatible Blu-ray 3D player software from companies such as CyberLink and Arcsoft. Check the 3D Vision System Requirements page for a full list of supported GPUs and displays that work with Blu-ray 3D.
* Adds supports for GeForce GTX 480, GeForce GTX 470, and GeForce GTX 465.
* Adds support for new 3D Vision-Ready LCDs: ASUS VG236H, LG W2363D 120 Hz, LG W2363DB 120 Hz
* Fixed a problem in which the ViewSonic PJD6251 and ViewSonic PJD6531w 3D Vision-Ready projectors were not properly detected.
* New 3D Vision game support
o Alice in Wonderland
o FIFA Online (2010)
o iRacing Demo
o Heaven Benchmark
o Mafia II
o Lost Planet 2
o Sam & Max – Beyond Time and Space
o Settlers VII
o Split Second
o StarCraft II
o Stone Giant
o Toy Story 3
* Updated 3D Vision game profiles
o Battlefield Bad Company 2 – updated in-game compatibility message
o BioShock 2 – updated in-game compatibility message
o Metro 2033: The Last Refuge – updated in-game compatibility message
o Napoleon Total War – updated in-game compatibility message
o Order of War – the game is now rated Excellent
o Stone Giant – the game is now rated 3D Vision-Ready

You may download the complete 3D Vision CD software package from the URL below:

Desktop 3D Vision Drivers:

Notebook 3D Vision Drivers:

Check out the official 3D Vision forum thread for feedback and discussion:

Also seems that NVidia is launching some sort of 3D content streaming channel.

There isn’t much content so far, but text promises updates and more content coming soon.

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