3D timelapse showreel

3D timelapse showreel

Sep 10, 2010

Here is an impressive 3D timelapse showreel for your amusement. Mountains, cows, Alps, Lapland, Finland, cityscapes and clouds, all in glorious stereoscopic quality. Riku Naskali is the dude behind this footage. He is a professional stereo cinematographer, running his own company called Stereo Window. Showreel is available in full 1080p HD resolution on YouTube 3D. Looks very nice in full color anaglyph. I should probably contact Riku and ask for the 3D Vision version of the reel. YouTube is fine, but proper enjoyment requires real stuff.

Check out the reel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPqe7610TT0

Some screenshots.

And here is Riku with the stereo rig of dual Red Ones filming Warp pilot project:

Warp 3d film production

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  • Riku Naskali

    Wow I look like a freakin’ retard on that one :D

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be so tough on yourself :D

    Can replace the pic with the one you like.