3D editing workflow tutorial

3D editing workflow tutorial

Jul 15, 2010

Here is a great video tutorial for 3D video editing workflow using Adobe Premiere CS5 bundled with Cineform NeoHD 3D. It is about 50 minutes long, and it worth it. Workflow covers pretty much all the steps, from different video camera rigs to different 3d viewing systems, and finishing with exporting the edited video. Cineform NeoHD supports pretty much all the 3d viewing methods, including passive polarization and NVidia 3D Vision. It even allows user to edit the video with 3D Vision mode. In case of the usual workflow you would edit left and right eye separately, seeing them in 3d only in the very end of the flow. Not anymore.

Tutorial is split into 7 parts, 10 minuts per every part.

Part 1 is about different camera and camera rigs. Funny thing is that there is mention of the GoPro HD 3D camera. I find this news awesome. That’s definitely something I’d lile to stick to my skydiving helmet.

Part 2 is about different glasses and 3d viewing systems.

Part 3 covers exporting videos from camera to the Cineform format

Part 4 is about features of Cineform First Light. How you can adjust the stereo aspects of the left and right channels, do the alignment and color correction.

Part 5 takes us to the Premiere CS 5 and explains how Cineform works in there.

Part 6 continues with Premiere workflow and goes all the way to the exporting of the final 3D clip.

Part 7 is all about Mac world.

So far that’s the most extensive tutorial on the subject. Big thanks goes to 3dvision blog for the exciting links.

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