3D cinema in Finland this weekend

3D cinema in Finland this weekend

Feb 2, 2012

If you want to see a quality 3D movie this weekend and not sure which one to choose, this blog post is dedicated to help you. Here you can check what 3D movies are coming to cinemas starting this Friday 3.2, is it a real 3D or a fake 3D movie, as well as is it really worth the ticket price (which might be up to €14.50 on a weekend in Tennispalatsi cinema).

First, couple of news. Finnkino started selling tickets to the Star Wars 3D Episode 1. Screenings start next week Thursday 9.2, but now you can already book your ticket on Finnkino’s webpages. In Helsinki Tennispalatsi the movie is scheduled to be screened once a day, in Tennispalatsi 3 auditorium at 21:00.

You can buy tickets here: http://www.finnkino.fi/Event/298893/?dt=09.02.2012

Last week Helsinki was hosting a documentary festival called Docpoint. The programme of such festivals is mostly boring. One thing caught my attention this time – they were screening new 3D documentary by Werner Herzog. The name is “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”. Docpoint had two screenings of the film, and both were sold out long before I tried to book my own ticket. So, this thing is apparently coming to the wider theatrical release in Finland, though there is no information about it for now. Just checked the Amazon, and this documentary is indeed available on Blu Ray 3D.

Back to our realm. Starting this weekend there are 6 3D movies offered for your enjoyment. In fact they are the same 6 movies that were last week. How this guide will differ from the last one? Well, we went to see the Puss in Boots last weekend. And I want to share couple of details about it.

This movie is currently screened in original language, finnish and swedish. The good thing about dubbed versions is that you get to see the movie without subtitles. Then again the originals are always better. We went to see the original in Kinopalatsi 2 cinema. The movie was brilliant, one of the best 3D movies of this and last year. As I mentioned before, Phil ‘Captain 3D’ McNally was again involved as stereoscopic supervisor on this movie. So far Dreamworks managed to produce only the best possible 3D experience with animations like “How to train your Dragon” and “Kung Fu Panda 2″. This movie is not an exception. Even better – stereoscopic aspect of the film is presented sometimes originally, elegantly, and always to the best effect.

As a bonus, Finnkino is screening trailers of the Hobbit 3D and Hugo 3D prior to the movie. People were applauding when they saw the first one. As another pleasant bonus, Dolby has updated their intro to the full 3D version. And it looks really great.

Verdict: The best offer for the price of a 3D ticket. Must see!

Dolphin Tale scores various feedback. 6.4 score on IMDB. Shot with Paradise FX 3D Rigs and Red One digital cameras.

Verdict: dark horse, but possibly a pleasant surprize

6.4 score on IMDB, directed by Tarsem Singh (which is usually good). RealOrFake3D site lists this movie as fake 3D, which is also confirmed by tech specs on IMDB. Feedback is mostly negative.

Verdict: avoid this

Lion King is back, in Disney digital 3D. It is obviously converted 3D, one of the Disney’s experiments bring old classics back to cinemas.

Good things:
–It is now all digital, which means better picture and brighter colors
–No subtitles, it is all dubbed in Finnish. Why this is good? Subtitles are most distracting in 3D cinema, sometimes floating at wrong depth. It’s good when you don’t have to read them.

So-so things:
–Converted 3D from originally hand-drawn 2D animation doesn’t sound too promising. Most likely there isn’t much of 3D after all. Lion King is often very fast paced, which means they will have to turn 3D even more down.

Verdict: the movie is gorgeous, go see it if you understand finnish.

This movie is listed as real 3D on realorfake3d.com. A joint US – Russian production with Timur Bekhmambetov and his company Bazelevs, based in Moscow. This whole movie is also based in Moscow. Scores 5.0 on IMDB. I’m a bit curious on this flick, since this looks like a very first stereoscopic production from Russia hitting the world cinemas.

Verdict: likely a waste of time, but can be fun too.

Tintin is almost 3 months already in cinemas, and still doing good. From the mages of Weta Digital, creators of Avatar, this is the best adventure flick of the past and this year so far. Quality of 3D, as you can imagine, is gorgeous. Shots are truly employing the strengths of stereoscopic genre, and you will hold your breath many times.

Verdict: Must see!

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