3D cinema in Finland 24-29.2

3D cinema in Finland 24-29.2

Feb 23, 2012

StereoFinland is back with updated guide on 3D movies screened all over the country during this weekend and next week. This guide is highly subjective, but it should provide you with at least some basic info like if the movie is real 3D or “fake” converted 3D. Starting this Friday we have six 3D movies in cinemas:

Hugo 3D
Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace 3D
Puss in Boots
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D (premiere)
The Lion King 3D (dub)
Immortals 3D

Please note that for some reason when you select 3D movies filter on Finnkino site, it doesn’t list Hugo. But if you remove that filter and list all the movies, it will be there.

And we’ll start with Hugo.

We were watching this movie in Kinopalatsi 2 last Saturday. The place was packed. I had to book tickets in advance to get some decent places. And there was a reason for this. Hugo 3D was one of my best cinematic experiences to date. It’s pretty much like movies of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, but in perfect stereoscopic presentation. Instead of playing on a safe side and be careful, Hugo gives you lots of depth and amazing 3D shots – carefully planned and incredibly performed.

Imdb lists Arri Alexa with Cooke S4 and 5/i Lenses as the gear for the Hugo. Arri Alexa is a break for Arri into a digital cinema. At times it seems that the there was a bit too much of depth in the shot, which was fixed on the post. There were also some small stereoscopic window violations on the edges (at times), but completely forgivable. Huge respect to the makers for having courage and embarking into third dimension of the cinema. This movie along with Avatar will be setting high standard mark for the movies to come.

Hugo is nominated for the best picture of the year Oscar.

Bonuses: 3D trailer of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax. And Hobbit 3D.

Verdict: must see! (at least twice)

Here is also a YouTube video with James Cameron and Martin Scorsese on Hugo’s 3D Special Effects:

Moving on.

Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D wasn’t disappointing at all. I’ve watched it a week ago, and it was a great experience. It is a “fake” converted 3D, but to be honest, this is the best conversion I’ve ever seen. Starships, robots, lightsabers, all the action in additional dimension. StarWars movies always been huge in terms of sets, decorations and characters. And they are meant for the big screen.

Third dimension doesn’t jump at you, but instead it provides a more smooth experience to flow the movie directly into your brain. Careful color grading and contrasts are also providing additional illusion of the volume. Even on the close ups with human actors the depth is there. Cardboard cutout effect is removed completely.

There is a rumor now that this episode of StarWars might be available on Blu-ray 3D any time soon.

Verdict: must see

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island is a sequel to the Journey to the Center of the Earth (which was also 3D). Listed as real 3D movie on realorfake3d.com. No technical details on imdb. Rated as K12 in Finland, but the theme assumes that this is a family/adventure movie. Imdb rates it at 6.1/10 (at the moment)

Verdict: can be fun, but you can still go and see Hugo instead (which is K7)

This movie is currently screened in original language, finnish and swedish. The good thing about dubbed versions is that you get to see the movie without subtitles. Then again the originals are always better. We went to see the original in Kinopalatsi 2 cinema. The movie was brilliant, one of the best 3D movies of this and last year. As I mentioned before, Phil ‘Captain 3D’ McNally was again involved as stereoscopic supervisor on this movie. So far Dreamworks managed to produce only the best possible 3D experience with animations like “How to train your Dragon” and “Kung Fu Panda 2″. This movie is not an exception. Even better – stereoscopic aspect of the film is presented sometimes originally, elegantly, and always to the best effect.

As a bonus, Finnkino was screening trailers of the Hobbit 3D and Hugo 3D prior to the movie. People were applauding when they saw the first one. As another pleasant bonus, Dolby has updated their intro to the full 3D version. It looks really great.

Verdict: Great offer for the price of a 3D ticket. Must see!

6.4 score on IMDB, directed by Tarsem Singh (which is usually good). RealOrFake3D site lists this movie as fake 3D, which is also confirmed by tech specs on IMDB. Feedback is mostly negative.

Verdict: avoid this

Lion King is back, in Disney digital 3D. It is obviously converted 3D, one of the Disney’s experiments bring old classics back to cinemas.

Good things:
–It is now all digital, which means better picture and brighter colors
–No subtitles, it is all dubbed in Finnish. Why this is good? Subtitles are most distracting in 3D cinema, sometimes floating at wrong depth. It’s good when you don’t have to read them.

So-so things:
–Converted 3D from originally hand-drawn 2D animation doesn’t sound too promising. Most likely there isn’t much of 3D after all. Lion King is often very fast paced, which means they will have to turn 3D even more down.

Verdict: the movie is gorgeous, go see it if you understand finnish.

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